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hello everyone i am back from hiatus! all moved in and set to go for the semester :) if anyone wants to scene w/ cap or pepper just drop me a line because i’d love it if they had stuff to do!

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Team Trust No Bitch


“Nice to see you too, big guy,” Tony laughed, dodging a car that’d skittered forward. It’d been several vehicles down from the one that the Hulk had wacked, the emergency-induced traffic causing them to smack together like the world’s most expensive Newton’s Cradle. 

He raised an arm, and fired off a couple of repulsors rays at the creature, but the angle was ineffective and it wasn’t long before he realized he wouldn’t manage a good hit without some finagling. “Head’s up!” He called to Cap, pausing for just a millisecond before placing a shot right about Steve’s chest. 

Steve got his shield up just in time, reflecting the repulsor ray off of it. There was a slight kickback as the vibranium absorbed the force of the ray, but he managed to get the angle right and the ray shot off towards their opponent. “Hey!” he yelled admonishingly at Tony. Although he probably wouldn’t see the problem with it. Tony’s metric of success was “did anyone die” and if the answer was no it was a resounding success.

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Team Trust No Bitch


Tony cursed colorfully as the sound of the Hulk rose through his earpiece. Not that he wasn’t glad to see him every once in a while, but if Bruce’d let our his angry alter ego already, he could be fairly sure that the situation on the bridge was serious. And Cap? Was still miles away. Tony wasn’t exactly best friends with the guy, but come on, that was just sad. “Better reroute me, JARVIS,” he muttered on his internal line. “We’re getting a passenger.” 

I shall recalibrate upon Captain Rogers’ arrival, sir. Might I suggest you consider adding a handle?

Tony laughed. “What, and break up the aerodynamics? Don’t even joke.” Turning abruptly, he flew towards where Steve was fighting through the crowd. 

“Right, uh, sorry to ruin you marathon plans,” Tony had switched back to the main comms, “but your time was a little slow.” No time for discussion. Carefully grabbing Steve around the waist, he headed back towards the fray, as quickly as possible

To Steve’s credit, he was very nonchalant about the whole thing given the fact that he had been given about a second’s warning before Tony had plucked him off the ground. He stumbled a little as they landed, but caught his balance quickly. “Thanks for the lift,” he muttered, observing the scene in front of them.

It wasn’t pretty.

"Looks like we got here just in time," he told Tony as he scanned the bridge quickly. It wasn’t hard to see where the battle was happening; there was pretty much nothing subtle about that. He was looking for stranded civilians and any other signs of danger. A bridge really wasn’t the best place for the Hulk and an alien to be fighting, but people were still fleeing either way down the bridge and there was no way to safely lead the battle off of it. "We better get to work," he said.

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For the Red Skull/Thanos team up, or whatever the fuck it is that S.H.I.E.L.D expects us to be okay with next time.

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ooc: never fear, cap and iron man are on the job

ooc: they stopped for hamburgers on the way that’s why they’re late

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Team Trust No Bitch


At first Bruce thought it was an earthquake. Like years of experience otherwise had gone down the drain and earthquakes in New York happened all the time. He was halfway across the Brooklyn Bridge when it suddenly lurched to the side, cars screeching to a halt, their fenders crashing haphazardly, bikers and pedestrians crashing to the ground with a scream. Ahead of him, he could see smoke beginning to plume in Manhattan, and the distant rumble of…something big. Bruce stopped in his tracks, clutching the guard rail on the pedestrian walk way, staring out at the city. SHIELD. He needed to get to SHIELD. They had work to do.

He was only about halfway down the bridge when it jerked again, cars piling up at the sides, with screaming people trapped inside. Ahead of him, there was the distinct smell of smoke and he could only take a few steps forward before several cars exploded, flipping up and smashing against the tensile wires keeping the bridge suspended. So far, there was no reason to think the bridge might collapse. Yet. But there was definitely something ahead that he couldn’t quite see yet, picking through the crowd of people who had fled from Manhattan on the bridge. He climbed onto the base of one of the side towers to get himself clear of the civilians, trying to ignore the feeling in the pit of his stomach. He knew what he was going to have to do soon. He whipped the comm device Natasha had sent to the team before she left and pressed a number of buttons. He raised it to his ear, trying to drown out the sound of the crowd below him.

“I don’t know who’s listening, but we have a major problem on the Brooklyn Bridge.”

As soon as Steve heard the comm device crackle to life he lifted it to his ear to respond. “I read you, Doctor,” he replied, looking down the street towards the bridge. Trying to tune out the sounds of chaos that were rapidly growing louder around him, he turned his attention back to the comm device and began moving against the flow of feeling pedestrians.

"Hang in there. I’m nearby but it’s going to take me a couple minutes to get there. Is there anybody else who’s closer?" As he waited for a response from the comm device, he picked up his pace. He had no doubt in his mind that the Hulk could handle pretty much any threat that could be thrown at him, but the creature taking on a threat solo probably wouldn’t do much to assuage the panic of civilians, even if he was affiliated with the Avengers now. 

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